sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

Happy New Year!

It's for today that you must have faith! For today was that God gave you strength! "Your strength will be like your days"(Deut. 33:25) God gives power at the hour, grace at the hour and to the spot when the prove come, not before! Today you don't must have faith for tomorrow. If you trust and have faith in God, then you know that your Heavenly Father loves you and Who will care for you and also care for your friends!

Jesus said, "Therefore, be not anxious for tomorrow, that's way tomorrow will worry about itself" (Matt. 6:34) Stop worrying about tomorrow! It is a commandment! It is not an option. Not just good advice: it's an order! When the tomorrow day come, God will take care of it!

Living is concentrate all your strength and disposition in the present moment! Interesting and engaging people are those who can live with intensity each time. The wise man does not think in the past or future. He lives each day separate from another, as if it were the only one.

It's like that song: “What have I do the future with? It's in Your hands Lord. Grace to live it, I don't have, so why would I bother? It's so good to trust in Christ as the Savior says. Relying on Their promises, thus saith the Lord! Oh Jesus, I trust in You, I never saw You fail. Oh Jesus, my great friend, gives me faith to trust anymore!”

Faith is simply doing what God tells you to do today and trust Him for tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

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