quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

Put God to the test!

Put God to the test! Prove that He exists!

Maybe you're like many people who says don't believe in God, but who aren't really atheists. Maybe you just have not taken a final decision for not having had an opportunity to really know the Truth! But even if you have doubts and questions in your head or heart, that need answers to convince you, if you're sincere and really want to know the answers, if you really want to know God, He will show Himself to you!

Even if you do not believe in God or Bible, nor anything else, you can put God in a test tube and prove that He exists! And you're the test tube! You just have to put God within yourself and see what happens! If you just pray with sincerity, "God, if there is a God somewhere, show me! Express Yourself! "He will manifest! Once admit the possibility, you're giving God a chance and that's a little spark of faith, a seed of faith of the size of a mustard seed that begin to grow! God will honor such faith and let you see, feel and be aware of this test!

God loves faith! He loves us because we believe in Him! And once you believe, then He will manifest Himself in many ways so you will believe, not simply by faith, but He will manifest Himself to you, answering your prayers, performing miracles, and even changing your own life!

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